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Premier Computer Care is dedicated to providing information services to help our customers focus on their business. No more hassles dismantling your PC and dragging it down to the repair shop. No more inconvenience of going without your PC for days or weeks at a time. With Premier Computer Care, a technician comes to you, at your home or business, and repairs your computer in the environment where problems occur. If we are unable to fix your computer related problems, you do not pay.

Service Details


Fortunately (or unfortunately as is the case many a time) in the computer industry, there are a large number of options to consider when purchasing a new computer.

Our aim is to make purchasing a computer easier. How do we accomplish that? By providing quotes on as many or as few options as you need. We take the guess work out of buying a computer and ask specific questions to help you narrow down your choices. In the end we provide the right computer to fit your needs and your budget.

Our inventory is low but our suppliers are extensive. Because of this, we can typically get almost any computer shipped overnight. You will find, however, that we are somewhat partial to Lenovo. They are more expensive but you really do get what you pay for. The quality and reliability are second to none.

When it comes to Anti-Virus software, there again we can sell you anything that you want but our preference is AVG. They are rated as one of the best antivirus solutions worldwide, especially their CloudCare line of services which is what we offer, sell and support.


We've moved beyond the traditional role of an IT service provider and have evolved into strategic partnerships with our clients. We learn and understand their business goals and ensure their IT is aligned with those goals. Our dedicated team is committed to building true relationships by being responsive and attentive when problems arise

Our business service offerings are tailored to your requirements. If you prefer a reactive relationship where you only pay for services when the need arises, we will be there to help however you can. If your business needs a more comprehensive and extensive proactive monitoring solution, we can help. Our monitoring services typically let us know that a problem is arising before you even know about it.

We can actively monitor your backups to ensure that they are running every day. We also perform updates to your operating system and numerous other software packages and we actively optimize your servers and computers behind the scenes so that your business is not interrupted.

Our technical expertise can help you streamline and improve your business. We understand technology, and we are committed to optimizing your investment in local and wide-area networks, software, hardware, Internet and Intranet technologies.


Most of the work that we do is onsite. In other words, we will come to you in your place of business or in your home and fix the computer issues in their environment. Often issues might not be with the computer but with the environment such as a bad mouse, faulty power bar, a heater plugged in or even a household pet. When we come onsite, we are better suited to fixing the issues the first time - This is our preferred method of support.

There are instances where our office hours do not line up with your schedule. In that case, we offer a carry-in service model where you can drop off your computer early in the morning and pick it up before the end of the day on your way back home.  We will collect contact information and a short description of the issue. We then utilize our experience and our large set of tools to perform a full diagnostic check to isolate even the toughest problem.  After the issue has been determined we will contact you by phone or email with a description of the issue, the solution and a quote of how much it will cost to be fixed. We will not repair your computer or printer without your consent and if we cannot fix the issue, you do not pay.


Remote Support is a great tool and serves a great purpose. We are able to remotely assist with a large number of computer issues. There are some issues that cannot be resolved remotely and we are able to tell you fairly quickly if that will be the case.

With this service, we will direct you to our website where you will input a 6-digit code which will allow up to create a secure connection back to your computer.  It will be like we are sitting there with you as we can see what is on your screen and take control of your mouse and keyboard to help solve the issues at hand.  One thing to keep in mind though, this service is not free so please do ask us ahead of time what the costs will be.

At no time can we log onto your computer or control it without your permission and in most cases, we will be on the phone with you as we go.